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Kuzú (Pueraria lobata syn) Regenerates the intestinal flora, detoxifies the Liver

The Kuzu or Kudzu is a starch extracted by means of a long craft process of a volcanic roots that sometimes reach up to 2 meters deep. Using a traditional method, the roots are ground and washed repeatedly with pure mountain water and air dried for ninety days. Not to be confused with arrowroot, starch obtained from the root of the American plant manranta arundinacea.

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Shitake medicinal fungus detoxifies and revitalizes

The medicinal mushroom Shiitake (Lentinus elodes) detoxifies and revitalizes.
The Shiitake mushroom is a mushroom (ta-ké) that grows spontaneously in a Japanese oak called shii. It grows in humid environment rich in bamboo bacteria, it must fight to ensure its development, creating its defence system, manufacturing protective substances of immunostimulating properties. Nowadays it is cultivated on a great variety of trees. Its medicinal properties have been known since ancient times, it was the “elixir of life” of the Ming dynasty. At present, it has been the object of numerous scientific investigations.

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