Features of SowenPoint 4  iPad

Calendar of cabins

Manage your appointments with complete ease and power.

Patients File

Manage your patient’s data, pathologies and all kinds of details.

The 4 Elements of Chinese Diagnosis

Graph of the 4 elements for the Chinese diagnosis.

Pulses and Ryodoraku

Section for the study of the Pulses and Ryodoraku.

Diagnosis of the tongue

Section for the study and diagnosis of the tongue.

Test to confirm the syndrome

Get the test to confirm the syndrome.


Section for the study of acupuncture according to the type of pathology.


Section for the study of the ear.

Chinese herbal medicine

Section for the study of Chinese Phytotherapy.

Bioenergetic food

Section for the study of bioenergetic food.


Section for the study of aromatherapy.


Section for the study of the diets to apply to the patient.

Jin Shin Jyutsu

Section for the harmonization of Life Energy in the body.

Pathologies and Syndromes

Section for the determination of pathologies and syndromes.

New, curious and main points of acupuncture

Section for the study of acupuncture points.

Treatment assignment according to pathology

Section for the assignment of treatment according to the pathology of the patient.

Graph and summary sheet

Graph section and summary sheets.

Weekly Plan models

Section to add weekly plan models.

Daily plan models

Section to add daily plan models.

General management

Section for general application management.

Cities and towns

Section for the cities and towns management of the patients.

Application setup

Section for the application setup.

SowenPoint 4

SowenPoint 4 is a multilingual software developed exclusively for the iPad device, with resources in Spanish and English, incorporating the latest technological advances for the professional cabinets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It facilitates to the student or the professional to study or practice their work.


With Sowenpoint 4 you will have precise and extensive control of all your patients data, their history of visits, diagnoses, treatments.

intuitive menu

You can easily access all the features of the program through a nice options menu, with symbols that identify its function, automatically adapting to the position of the screen according to your specific needs.

all kinds of graphics for the study of their patients

Ryodoraku and Pulses, Energy plans, Acupuncture, 5 elements, ….

graph before regulation (ryodoraku and pulses)

This graph allows you to control the Right and Left areas of the body.

Acupuncture graphs

Our software allows to control acupuncture points according to the pathologies and treatments to be applied to our patients.

Our software for iPad incorporates the latest trends in user interface, so you can control the size and position of the graphs by gestures, just as you would with any mobile.

Diagnostics and treatments

SowenPoint allows you to use all types of diagnostics to study the possible treatments to be applied in your patients: acupuncture, Chinese Phytotherapy, Auriculotherapy, Jin Shin Jitsu, Dietary treatments, Bioenergetic food, Phytotherapy, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy.

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Enjoy all the features that make SowenPoint an innovative software unique in the international market.