SowenPoint 3.0

Traditional Chinese medicine module

The module of traditional Chinese medicine has a database relating to syndromes or diseases and different treatments in Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy and Chinese herbal medicine. It is an open database that allows to customize all the data.

Acupuncture Software, M.T.C.

It has a database relating to syndromes or diseases and different treatments in Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy and Chinese herbal medicine. It is an open database that allows to customize all the data.

Diagnostic tools

 Pulse and Ryodoraku


For the location of measurement points is displayed on the screen the picture of the 24 points representing ryodoraku measurement. And the method of measurement reflects the advice of Dr Hirohisa Oda.


It gives the measurements with the voice of the program as simple and brief as possible, if you use Sowen Point in the operating system “Vista” or Windows7.


Use the graph Dr Ryodoraku Bioenergetics, Yoshio Nakatani in which the vertical numeric scale adjacent to each Ryodoraku is different.


The interpretation of the graph and energy regulation follows the principles of Dr. Carlos Nogueira Perez and Hirohisa Oda.

Filling the 24 data inputs of the graph presents Ryodoraku Bioenergetics and press a button causes an automatic regulation of left-right imbalance, husband / wife (luo-yuan/yuan-luo) and Luo (group of hand values and foot). All this in a detailed report of each regular point, the why and the anatomical location of each item.

Makes and prints the projection of Ryodoraku in five movements before and after energy regulation.

Ryodoraku compare different measurements and presented in a graphical pentacoordinated Ryodoraku and the new generation.

Makes a graph of the body’s energy levels. You can print to see the relationships of all levels.

In personal control or after automatic adjustment, it is possible to indicate the normalized energetic entity in the pentacoordination.

 Tongue diagnosis

SowenPoint 3.0 allow to save the image of the patient’s tongue in all formats. Tongue has a map and also the correspondence between color, shape and color of the fur and its clinical significance.

 Test to confirm the diagnosis

When answering the test questions very little or nothing, and then pressing a button presents the new graph of the pentacoordination, with scores of different levels of the five elements in the psychological test.

And in the physiological test presents the pentacoordination with the energetic status of each entity.

 4 Elements of Chinese diagnosis

To see


Listening and smell




Responds to almost all questions in easy to handle lists or create new posts with their clinical significance. Once filled out the necessary answers, the program makes the synthesis of medical records.

Knowing the syndrome and treatment for the patient with the press of a button removes a detailed report on the treatment to apply, either in Acupuncture with all their points and their anatomical location, either in Chinese herbal medicine with plants or dyes or with Auriculotherapy its graph and the points to be marked on it.

Tools to apply the treatments


Includes 3 scanned and printable sheets of face, back and side of the human body, to reflect all points of the meridians and curious and new points.

For any syndrome or condition to be treated together points: key regulator of the vessel, Shu, Mu, Luo, Yuan, Node, Root, Roe and ground point of the trailer.

Just press a button will be a syndrome or disease, and knowing the reasons for each point. There is a bibliography and extensive support that explains it.

That does not mean to put a syndrome or disease anywhere in the meridians and / or outside the meridian above. All this in a visual way and to press only one or two mouse button


Displayed in a graphical grid points with their corresponding numbers or without any treatment developed. So you can print the graph to help locate the auricular points. You can have more of a graphical treatment depending on the school or the author.

 Chinese Herbal Medicine

You can enlist both plants as dyes or formulas to your specifications and its usage and its images in any format. Could have more than one treatment for a disease syndrome or reference by school or away. For the current legislation of the European Community on Chinese herbal products have just created too few examples of treatments.

 Jin Shin Jitsu

Sample illustrations and the text flows with the steps on both the left and the right.


Enjoy all the features that make SowenPoint an innovative software unique in the international market.