Our website expands in all directions

Now, our website incorporates a new adaptable and expandable system that allows us to tackle very attractive health articles with different categories, and at the same time allows us to explain the advances of our software for the study of traditional Chinese medicine.

User Registration

You can register as a user to post comments on our articles and receive our newsletter if you wish.

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You will have a section where you can view your orders, addresses, account details and download the software you have been able to buy.


You have a complete profile that you can enter according to your data and your personality, including photo, background image, social accounts, password and many other details.

Our universe is multilanguage

We have incorporated multilingual support on our website to reach the majority of users.


In our shop you can find our products and services and purchase them in the easiest and safest way.


With our support pages you will be able to consult questions and answers that have been made to us by our clients and visitors, but also you can ask new questions related to our products.

Posts by categories

Now our web is a complete magazine of articles cataloged by its themes in which you will be able to see multiple topics related to health and with our software.