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Sowen Point® 3.0 for Windows

Our applications incorporate new generation multimedia resources, in Spanish and English, making it easy for the student or the practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine to study and practice their work. It provides you with a database about your patients, their visits, as well as their diagnosis and treatment.

SowenPoint® 3.0

For Windows

SowenPoint 3.0 is the best software of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Chinese Phytotherapy, Western Phytotherapy, Bioenergetic Feeding, Aromatherapy, Dietetics, Jin Shin Jitsu, 4 elements of Chinese Diagnosis, Pulse/Ryodoraku and TongueDiagnostic, you can find on the market.

There is nothing like it.


Our software is developed so that you have the complete control of your data, forever. Your data is always in your possession and you do not need any type of monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription to access them.

Traditional Chinese medicine module

Traditional Chinese medicine module

The Traditional Chinese Medicine Module has a database on the syndromes or pathologies and their different treatments in Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy and Chinese herbal medicine. It is an open database that makes it possible to customize all the data.
Bioenergetic module

Bioenergetic module

The bioenergetics module uses a database of all the pathologies created and their different treatments in: Dietetics, Bioenergetic Food, Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Homeopathy, with the possibility of personalizing all these data.
Cabin management module

Cabin management module

The cabin management module allows you to have your own schedule for each cabin of a center or office. By selecting a day of the month you can create the appointments of the clients of that day as well as personal notes.

Patient forms

Enter the data and characteristics of your patients.

Calendar of cabins

Monitor your patients visit dates.

Chinese diagnosis

Syndromes, pathologies, treatments of Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy and Chinese herbal medicine.

Pulses and Ryodoraku

Our software displays the Ryodoraku graph for the 12 points on the hands and feet.


You can enter the necessary data for the diagnostics of the patient’s tongue.


You can visualize the acupuncture points for the different treatments according to the patient’s diagnostics.

But these are just a few features of our software.




Dynamic graphics

SowenPoint 3

SowenPoint 3 is an innovative software specially developed for windows and specialized in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Western Phytotherapy, Bioenergetic Feeding, Aromatherapy, Dietetics, Jin Shin Jitsu, 4 Elements of Chinese Diagnosis, Pulse and Ryodoraku, TongueDiagnostic. With administration of patient forms and cabinet’s calendar.

Software for windows

Our software works on all windows versions.

Advanced graphics

Our graphics cover all the requirements of professional cabinets.

Intuitive forms

Despite its power, our software is very intuitive and therefore very easy to use.

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Our new website

Now, our website incorporates a new adaptable and expandable system that allows us to tackle very attractive health articles with different categories, and at the same time allows us to explain the advances of our software for the study of traditional Chinese medicine.

Kuzú (Pueraria lobata syn) Regenerates the intestinal flora, detoxifies the Liver

The Kuzu or Kudzu is a starch extracted by means of a long craft process of a volcanic roots that sometimes reach up to 2 meters deep. Using a traditional method, the roots are ground and washed repeatedly with pure mountain water and air dried for ninety days. Not to be confused with arrowroot, starch obtained from the root of the American plant manranta arundinacea.

Shitake medicinal fungus detoxifies and revitalizes

The medicinal mushroom Shiitake (Lentinus elodes) detoxifies and revitalizes.
The Shiitake mushroom is a mushroom (ta-ké) that grows spontaneously in a Japanese oak called shii. It grows in humid environment rich in bamboo bacteria, it must fight to ensure its development, creating its defence system, manufacturing protective substances of immunostimulating properties. Nowadays it is cultivated on a great variety of trees. Its medicinal properties have been known since ancient times, it was the “elixir of life” of the Ming dynasty. At present, it has been the object of numerous scientific investigations.

The five elements of food.

According to the Ancient Orientals, natural processes do not occur randomly, but in an orderly, evolutionary manner following phases or stages of energy: THE 5 PHASES OF ENERGY or the 5 elements.
Each element is represented by a symbol: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.
This theory contemplates the fact that no phenomenon of nature remains static, everything changes continually at its own pace.

Why is sleeping so important?

Dreaming is divided into two major stages: the stage before midnight and the stage after midnight. In adults, the most important cleansing and renewal processes take place during the two hours of sleep before midnight. This period includes deep sleep, which is often called beautysleep. Deep sleep lasts about an hour, from 11pm to 12pm. Duringthis period you enter a state of tranquility in which the body’s oxygen consumption drops by approximately 8%. The result is deep rest and full relaxation.

The 5 elements and emotions

Just as climates exist within seasons, emotions are the main forces within the human psyche. We all experience moments of anger, joy, worry, sadness and fear in the course of our daily lives. These emotions are often appropriate. It is natural to feel anger when we are frustrated, happiness when we are satisfied, pensiveness when we turn our attention inwards, sadness after a loss and frightened by danger. However, when one of these states dominates our inner experience or our external behavior, it interferes with the conduct of our daily life and alters the smooth flow of Qi or energy.

Classification of foods according to Eastern philosophy

Eastern philosophy considers the inseparable beings of its environment, the earth and the sky. The sky drops electromagnetic energy on the earth in the form of solar rays and other stellar and planetary radiations; This descending energy squeezes the things on the earth, producing contractile effects. In turn, the earth, which behaves like a giant magnet, in its movement generates an electromagnetic field that permeates everything that inhabits it, its force goes from the inside out, producing expansive effects.
We are on earth and act as antennas to collect the electromagnetic forces of the sky and earth that carry our body of vital energy (the Ki of the Japanese or the Chinese Chi).

The biological routine of the human being

Ayurveda, which literally means “science of life,” states: ” as is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.” Therefore, our body is a reflection of the universe. At every moment, the body undergoes profound changes to adjust to the continuous alterations of the environment and its recurrent cycles. Ayurveda has a unique interpretation of these cycles: it recognizes three major forces, or energies, each of which exert a significant influence on the body and mind for four hours, twice over a 24-hour period.

Choice of food according to constitution, activity, different stages of life, gender and climate

Yang constitution: broad bone structure, face with broad jaw compared to forehead, broad shoulders, shape general bone structure square, reddish complexion, iris with stroma (tissue) dense, strong musculature, body temperature normal high state. They are very vital people, with fast and safe movements.
Yin constitution: narrow bone structure, narrow jaws compared to forehead, narrow shoulders, elongated general shape, pale complexion, little dense stroma (iris tissue), soft musculature, low normal body temperature. They are people with little vitality, their movements are slow and unsafe.

SowenPoint 4 has arrived

We are pleased to introduce the new version 4.0 of SowenPoint
This version of SowenPoint uses all the touch capabilities of the iPad device, incorporates all SowenPoint 3.0 innovations adapted to a mobile device and with great improvements in many of its characteristics, giving new innovative capabilities to the professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Incorporates all the latest technologies of mobile devices, transportability, manageability, adaptability, photos, zoom, gestures…. Is a total remodelling of our software to adapt it to new technologies. SowenPoint 4.0 has taken more than 2 years of hard work and research, making our application the most advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine software on the market.


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