SowenPoint 4.0 for iPad

We are pleased to introduce the new version 4.0 of SowenPoint

This version of SowenPoint uses all the touch capabilities of the iPad device, incorporates all SowenPoint 3.0 innovations adapted to a mobile device and with great improvements in many of its characteristics, giving new innovative capabilities to the professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Innovation, innovation, ...

This version of SowenPoint incorporates all the latest technologies of mobile devices, transportability, manageability, adaptability, photos, zoom, gestures…. Is a total remodelling of our software to adapt it to new technologies. SowenPoint 4.0 has taken more than 2 years of hard work and research, making our application the most advanced Traditional Chinese Medicine software on the market.

Patient card

A much easier and intuitive new design with touch capabilities, direct photos from the device, remote printing capability, special PDF listings, new input fields so you can enter all the data needed to manage your patients, and much more…

SowenPoint 4 has an attractive interface automatically adapt to the position of the iPad so that you can handle it in the way that best suits your needs.

Ryodoraku and Pulses
Ryodoraku and Pulses
Ryodoraku and Pulses


SowenPoint 4.0 includes all types of scalable graphics and adapt automatically to the layout and size of the gesture-capable device, so you can study the pathologies of your patients and apply the most appropriate treatments.


If you want to offer your patients, or use for your studies, the best Traditional Chinese Medicine software for iPad, do not hesitate to purchase our software. You will not regret. It is pure innovation.